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Accredited investor (“AI”) opt-in form

An accredited investor (“AI”)  generally has access to a wider range of financial products and services.  If you choose to opt-in as an AI at Endowus Singapore Pte. Ltd. ('Endowus'), you may be offered alternatives, private equity, private credit & real estate, hedge funds, and other investment products that are only available to AIs.

Please note that being treated as an  AI means, among other things, that you will be deemed to have more knowledge and the ability to understand and manage the risks of the financial products that you choose to invest in. This means that we are allowed to assume that you have a certain level of understanding of financial products, including collective investment schemes, and are not obliged to determine your precise level of understanding of such products. 

We are also allowed to assume that you have sought independent advice prior to purchasing or participating in any financial instrument or investment. In addition, when you hold certain financial instruments or participate in certain activities, you will be afforded fewer statutory protections and remedies than retail investors. 

Where you are purchasing capital markets products offered pursuant to section 275 or 305 of the SFA, you should be aware that the restrictions and prohibition on subsequent transfers of those products will apply to you. Please also note that Endowus will be exempted from fulfilling the regulatory safeguards as stipulated on this page.  

Therefore, even if Endowus asks you about your investment objectives, financial situation, or needs or informs you about material information relating to your investments, you understand that Endowus is not required to do so and shall not be construed in any way to be waiving our reliance on the abovementioned exemptions. 

General Warning:
AIs are assumed to be better informed, and better able to access resources to protect their own interests, and therefore require less regulatory protection. Investors who agree to be treated as AIs, therefore, forgo the benefit of certain regulatory safeguards. For example, issuers of securities are exempted from issuing a full prospectus registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) in respect of offers that are made only to AIs, and intermediaries are exempted from a number of business conduct requirements when dealing with AIs. Investors should consult a professional adviser if they do not understand any consequence of being treated as an AI.

Opt-in details:

Accredited investor criteria:

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By choosing to Opt-in as an AI, you confirm that you:

  1. have read and understood the explanation on the effect of being treated as an accredited investor under consent provisions on this page, which form part of this Accredited Investor Opt-In Form.

  2. consent to being treated as an AI for the purposes of all of the consent provisions as set out on this page

  3. know that you may at any time withdraw consent in writing to being treated as an AI for the purposes of all consent provisions, upon which Endowus and UOB Kay Hian will cease to treat you as an AI within 14 working days upon receipt of email request and if required, fulfilment of the “Customer Knowledge Assessment” requirement; and

  4. represent and warrant that the information and confirmations you have provided in the email response, and all information contained in this document and any other documentation that you provide to Endowus and UOB Kay Hian Private Limited (“UOB Kay Hian”) are complete, true, and accurate. If there is any change in circumstances relating to your (i) net personal or financial asset holdings or income that may affect any of your declarations and representations set out above or (ii) status as an AI under Singapore law such that you cease to be an AI at any time, you undertake to inform us within 14 working days of such change in circumstances. If such changes cannot be rectified, you acknowledge and accept that Endowus and UOB Kay Hian have full discretion to decide to refrain from treating you as an AI.

  5. Consent to Disclosure

    1. You consent to Endowus and UOB Kay Hian, respectively, disclosing the fact that you have consented to being treated as an AI, as specified above, to any person that relies on AI status to be qualified as an AI.
    2. To the extent that you have a joint account opened / to be opened with Endowus and UOB Kay Hian (the “Joint Account(s)”), Endowus and UOB Kay Hian, respectively, may disclose to all other joint accountholders of the Joint Account(s) that you have consented to be treated as an AI, as specified above.
    3. If you subsequently withdraw your consent to be treated as an AI, Endowus and UOB Kay Hian, respectively, may disclose to any person that relies on your “accredited investor” status and to all other joint account holders of the Joint Account(s) that you have withdrawn your consent to be treated as an AI. In such a case, we would need to treat you as a retail customer. This means that we would no longer be able to offer or provide certain services and products to you and/or execute certain transactions for you. We will still be able to provide services to you for your existing investments subject to any regulatory restrictions applying to a retail investor. 

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