Webinar: Higher for longer: Latest enhancements to Endowus Cash Smart
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Webinar: Higher for longer: Latest enhancements to Endowus Cash Smart

Nov 2023
Oct 2023
Webinar: Higher for longer: Latest enhancements to Endowus Cash Smart

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  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:19 - More about Endowus and our Cash Smart portfolios
  • 08:15 - What are the latest changes to the Cash Smart portfolios?
  • 13:55 - A visual representation of the new asset allocations
  • 18:40 - How the recent market volatility of 2023 has impacted performance
  • 23:00 - Keeping the duration lower on Cash Smart Enhanced and Ultra
  • 23:53 - Key characteristics of the Cash Smart portfolios
  • 25:02 - Recent historical performance of the Cash Smart portfolios
  • 28:13 - Why do projected yields and returns differ?
  • 32:20 - Historical performance of the new cash smart portfolios
  • 34:25 - How does Endowus calculate the projected yields?
  • 37:01 - More explanation on why projected yields and returns differ
  • 42:03 - How do I opt in for the new Cash Smart portfolios?
  • 48:09 - Q&A: How will the interest rate changes impact Cash Smart?
  • 55:38 - Q&A: Does it make sense to make recurring investments to the Cash Smart portfolios?

About the session

Amid the current environment of elevated short-end yields, investors are increasingly considering more liquid options such as money market and short-duration fixed income funds. Their stable yields during market fluctuations appeal to risk-averse investors, providing lower-risk opportunities without exposure to riskier assets.

Endowus Cash Smart portfolios can be especially beneficial in such situations as investors seek to reallocate their fixed income or cash holdings into these short-duration investments — especially as it’s fully flexible with no lockups and no limits.

As part of Endowus' commitment to optimising your portfolios, we are implementing several enhancements to the Cash Smart Enhanced and Cash Smart Ultra Portfolios in our latest recommended portfolio change (RPC).

Endowus warmly invites you to a live interactive webinar with Samuel Rhee, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer,  together with So Sin Ting, Chief Client Officer, as they share more about the latest upgrades made to your Cash Smart portfolios and discuss: 

  1. Key improvements of the Endowus Cash Smart Enhanced & Ultra portfolios
  2. Is cash still king? What the latest yield environment means for your cash holdings
  3. Why the Cash Smart portfolios are a popular cash alternative to savvy investors
  4. How to accept and proceed with these new Cash Smart upgrades 

There will be a Q&A segment at the end of the session. Submit your questions ahead of time here.

About the speakers

Samuel Rhee, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Endowus

Samuel Rhee is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Endowus, Asia’s leading digital wealth platform, and is a co-founder of the company. He is the former CEO and CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Management in Asia, with three decades of institutional investing experience in Singapore, Hong Kong, and London.

Today, Sam heads the Endowus Group Investment Office and ensures every client has greater access to holistic portfolios that are thoughtfully designed to meet their specific wealth goals. He is  responsible for the company’s asset allocation and investment selection across all offerings, with a vision to provide individual investors with the same knowledge, resources, and products traditionally only made available to institutional investors, at a low, fair fee.

Against this backdrop, Sam passionately advocates for greater financial literacy, time-tested and evidence-based advice, lower costs, the industry elimination of hidden fees, and a corporate culture that puts the client’s needs first. Endowus solves the biggest problems of wealth and investing, and retirement adequacy, leading the firm to become the first and largest digital advisor for CPF investing in Singapore.

So Sin Ting, Chief Client Officer, Endowus

So Sin Ting is Chief Client Officer at Endowus, Asia’s leading digital wealth platform.

Sin Ting brings over 15 years of experience in the wealth management industry at leading banks across Hong Kong and Singapore, including Morgan Stanley and Nomura.

Sin Ting wants to make the best of investing accessible to everyone, and to bring best-in-class investment products and solutions to retail and accredited investors at scale through Endowus. In her current role, she leverages her extensive wealth management experience to deliver a client-first hybrid investing experience through an intuitive digital platform and  efficient, multi-channel advisory support.  She believes Endowus plays an important role in empowering people with the right financial knowledge, to help them overcome misinformation, choice overload, and decision paralysis in the world of investing.

Despite her experience in wealth management, Sin Ting found it challenging to manage her own personal wealth in a holistic manner. Through Endowus, she hopes to spread financial literacy and enable investors to make informed decisions about their own financial future.

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Webinar: Higher for longer: Latest enhancements to Endowus Cash Smart

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